Hall | Mortimer Associates combines the efforts of a group of well-trained and experienced rehabilitation professionals. Our services vary and can be customized to particular needs, but typically fall into the below areas:

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Hall | Mortimer Associates

Hall | Mortimer Associates provides comprehensive assessment of an individual’s

ability to work and benefit from education and other rehabilitation services.

Assessment of vocational aptitude, functional capacity screening, employment skills,

academic achievement, career interest, work values, and personality is available.

These assessments, when combined with current and relevant research on the labor

market, wages, and rehabilitation plan services, provide a global view of an individual’s

employability and provide the basis for full development of work capacity. Determinations of earning capacity and the individual’s ability to benefit from rehabilitation services provide additional vital information regarding the impact of disability on an individual’s work capacity and needed services.

Detailed vocational rehabilitation plans include:

  • Recommendations for further academic, on-the-job, or vocational training.

  • Detailed labor market analyses to determine likelihood of job placement and employment demands/conditions.

  • Functional evaluations for assistive technology to determine applicable devices, training and purchases through certified vendors.

  • When applicable and appropriate, referrals for job placement services through private and community-based providers.

  • Costs of all future educational and/or vocational services.

Education/IEP Consulting SERVICES

Our education consulting services help to support families as they navigate resources, accommodations and IEP planning on their education journey.  Services include:

  • The education consultant listens to the parents/guardians, gathering valuable information related to the current situation. The need for further information is also assessed.
  • The education consultant reviews the current Evaluation Report (ER), Individualized Education Program (IEP), and other pertinent documents, as necessary.
  • The education consultant will attend IEP or other meetings with parents/guardians, if requested.
  • The education consultant will have knowledge of accommodations, technologies and services that may assist the student.

Disability management services have been provided for employees and employers since 1989. Hall | Mortimer Associates is committed to a comprehensive disability management philosophy that seeks to minimize the impact of disability on workers, their families, and their employers.  As part of this disability management philosophy, services are provided to facilitate recovery from the physical, cognitive, and psychological effects of work impairment. Our services seek to efficiently and effectively utilize early intervention case management services and return-to-work procedures, including job modification and other reasonable accommodation strategies.

Hall | Mortimer Associates offers training and technical assistance to employers and labor organizations in the areas of workers’ compensation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the employer-based return to work programs. Specialized services are also provided in the areas of ergonomic job analysis, job accommodations and the interactive process, and assistive technology needs.

Hall | Mortimer Associates has extensive experience providing expert witness testimony in a variety of legal settings, including personal injury, employment, and workers' compensation. Issues of employability, labor market availability, wage earning capacity, present and future employment opportunity and comprehensive short and longer term educational and vocational rehabilitation needs are addressed in a thorough manner. A particular focus is placed upon accommodations for school and work including assistive technology options. Services have been provided in federal and state courts in a variety of jurisdictions, regionally and nationally. To insure that we provide the most current information available, our services utilize the most up-to-date electronic and print services for employment & training, labor market, wage, and rehabilitation-related information. Comprehensive literature reviews can also be conducted so that expert opinions are based upon the most timely and credible research available.

Specifically, our expert witness services typically provide the following:

  • Comprehensive vocational assessment of educational and work skills as they relate to present and future employability.

  • Detailed Vocational Rehabilitation Plans (see above).

  • Assessment of job accommodation potential that exists for past or future occupations.

  • Evaluation of eligibility and feasibility of vocational rehabilitation services, including retraining and job placement.

  • Estimates of prior and future earning capacity.

  • Estimates of impact of disabilities on past and future work life.

The above services and evaluations provided will be tailored to the needs of a given individual. All evaluations are provided in a timely, comprehensive, and cost-effective manner.

If you don't see what you are looking for in the discussion of services above, please
contact us to discuss your needs. Our extensive experience and knowledge provide us the expertise to customize services that can fit particular needs in most cases.